“(A drone) gives you not just a different way of seeing it, but a different way to experience it,” Golf Digest, August 2017

“Drones can help enterprise security teams to manage their risk mitigation efforts more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively,” Security Magazine, March 2018

Drone media in the marketing business are nothing new.  We take a different approach, applying technology whenever possible.  That allows us for  the most precise and repeatable collection. 

Unique to CDS, we have a suite of products designed to connect your players to your courses like no other service can. 

A drone is the ultimate first responder.  Leveraging our years of security consulting experience, have your drone serve double duty keeping your property, and your players, safe!

“As humans, our decisions are driven by emotional connection and a connection to the beautiful landscape of a golf course can be palpable,” Golf Inc Magazine, December 2017

CDS' proprietary Golf Course Maintenance Services are a serious game changer, allowing you to reduce costs, monitor efficiently, and ensure a continuous revenue stream. 

“A golf course doesn’t need to have a huge maintenance budget to benefit from new technology ….. they just need an open mind and a desire to do things better,” USGA, October 2018

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