HoleView Fly-Throughs

GreenView Green Showcase

Golfing experience

Let Your Players Connect Before AND During Play

Drive for show, putt for dough as the saying goes, the green is where the money is made!  Knowing where your ball is and what it’s going to do on the dancefloor is the key to making that up and down.  GreenView tells you everything you need to know, and before you need to know it! 

GolfSphere Images

Unique to CDS, our GolfSphere virtual reality 360 images capture key points at each hole that players can review before or during play, giving them total awareness of the hole’s features, and helping them decide how to execute their next shot.    

The fundamental virtual golfing experience, we fly each hole in the ideal ball flight path, giving the player a complete understanding of the hole’s unique features.  This builds unmatched player confidence and connection to each hole.