CDS formally began by filling a need in the small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market back in 2013, before the word "drone" had such a strong reputation.  At the time, there was a limited supply of industrial-grade UAVs available to the public, and our original line was built to a standard far greater than what was available.  With the flood of large UAV manufacturers like DJI and Parrot, the gap in that market rapidly closed, and CDS was compelled to pivot to UAV Services. 

Leveraging our countless hours teaching and educating others about the benefits of UAVs, we began developing our own line of professional UAV services, many of which we still offer today.  We believe that the ways in which people are using UAVs now are only scratching the surface, and we plan to see a world where it's not if, but what kind of drone everyone has in their tool arsenal.  

Our love of manufacturing never fully left our hearts, and love of our country is the foundation on which all of us at CDS exist.  In 2020, we decided to bring our manufacturing and product development experience back to the market.  It's a small step, but we feel an important one to make the United States a manufacturing powerhouse once again.  

Facility and Equipment


Our Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing equipment including Haas 4-Axis Vertical Milling Centers, Haas 5-axis CNC Lathes, Industrial-grade 3D printers, laser cutters/engravers, manual milling machines, metal material handling machines, and professional-grade spray booths and equipment.  Any machinery or equipment that CDS does not have, we have partnered with local providers to assist in filling in those gaps, creating a seamless experience for our customers.  

CDS, we're more than just drones!