Full-scale Manufacturing

One-Stop Shop For Bringing Your Product Ideas to Your Customers

Everything starts with an idea, your idea, and that all starts with a digital design.  Whether you have your own digital designs or need us to help you create them, we'll work with you to ensure that our machines make exactly what you had in mind.  

Full-Service Manufacturing

Mass Production

From CNC machining to 3D printing, one part or 10,000, our manufacturing facility is equipped to handle any size job you can throw at us.  We can work with virtually any solid material, including aluminum, steel, titanium, acetal, carbon fiber, plastics, cast iron, and many others.    

Computer-Aided Design

Making quality parts is only part of the equation.  Our services include design, prototyping, assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping.  Have a product idea?  We can help you see it from concept to delivery, straight to your customers.