Special Events

CDS carries a large fleet of aircraft, all of which have live, high-definition video feed capability, perfect for large tournaments or otherwise televised events.  For persistent coverage, we utilize tethered drones, which can safely fly up to 150 feet high and have no duration limits. 

If marketing is what drives customers to your business, and your business is providing an experience in nature, there is no media more valuable than that captured from a drone!  Alternative means using manned aircraft can cost 10-20x more than via a drone, and are often disruptive and risky.

Convenient Processing

Technology = Quality

By using technology to automate every step of the process, we are able to quickly and accurately fine tune each aerial video to capture your stunning golf course features.  Each video is captured using tailored and pre-programmed flight paths, ensuring you get exactly the shot you want, time and time again.  

Maximum Media Value

Golf club marketing

Nothing Captures the Beauty of a Golf Course Like a Drone!

We prioritize client convenience in all of our practice areas:

  • Same-day delivery
  • Unedited, raw images and video
  • Copyrights passed to client
  • Live-video feed capability
  • Video clip 1-minute minimum
  • Editing services available