Having a complete picture of your project keeps you on schedule, on task, in compliance, and minimizes surprises.  CDS employs automated data collection protocols to give you the best information possible with the lowest cost in time and expense.  Our data is processed and delivered in near real-time, via a variety of electronic media that best integrates with your existing information systems. 

Inspection of large structures or remote or hazardous places is not only expensive, requiring specialized equipment, rigging, protective gear, and insurance, but in all instances puts a human life at potential risk.  CDS maintains a fleet of drones of all sizes, capable of safely conducting inspections miles from a base station, in hard-to-reach or remote areas, and at a fraction of the cost, time, and risk. 

For a quarry, accurately comparing spoil extraction with the volume in each pick up is not cost effective using traditional survey methods.  Thanks to advances in image processing software, when combined with CDS-developed collection and processing methods, daily Drone surveys are not only cost effective, but give you incredible Returns-on-Investment. 


Progress Monitoring

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Our Drones Analyze Your Project so You Don't Have To!

Response time and mobility are the two most critical factors in providing an effective security protocol.  If time and distance remain a constant challenge for your emergency response program, there is nothing faster or more mobile than a drone.  Used properly, a drone can provide autonomous, roaming, day/night surveillance, ad hoc and directed inspection, and unparalleled situational awareness.